Once your platform has been funded (learn more about funding your platform here), you will need to allocate the funds to various Marketer accounts to create Campaigns and engage Creators. As an Admin, you have the ability to designate which Marketer accounts receive funds and designate the amounts they receive. Please note you must have full Admin access. Operators will not be able to fund Marketer accounts. 

1. Once logged into your Admin account, locate the Finance tab on the left-hand navigation. 

2. From the Finance tab, you can view the available balance that has been loaded into your platform and then transfer funds to a specific Marketer account. Using the drop-down menu, select the Marketer account you would like to allocate funds to and enter the amount in the box provided. You can also enter a message for the transfer that will let the Marketer know how these funds are to be used. For example, you can enter Fall Campaign 2017 to specify the Campaign these funds are to be used for. 

3. Select Allocate Funds to complete your transaction. Once the funds have been transferred from the platform to the Marketer account, you will be able to view the new available balance within the Current Allocations.

4. When you assume the Marketer, you will also be able to see the available funds in the Available Balance box. Once funds are available in the Marketer account, you will be able to create active Campaigns and transfer funds