Occasionally you or a client may require Creators to agree to additional terms before accepting to participate in an opportunity. As a Partner Admin, you are able to add and manage Supplemental Terms & Conditions that can be used by all or select Marketers within your platform. Marketers can also add new terms, but they must be approved by a Partner Admin before they can be used. 

It is typically much easier to add new terms at the Partner Admin level as it requires less back and forth but can be done at the Marketer level when needed. It's important to remember any terms that are added by a Partner Admin will initially be available to all Marketers unless the terms are managed and access is removed from Marketers that should not have access. When you add terms as a Marketer, those terms will initially only be available to that Marketer unless a Partner Admin approves access to other Marketers. 

Adding Terms as a Partner Admin

1. From the Admin Dashboard, click on Terms & Conditions in the left-hand navigation. 

2. On this dashboard, you can upload new documents or view any approved, pending, archived, or rejected Terms & Conditions. To add a new Terms & Conditions, click Upload New Document on the right-hand side.  Select which document you would like to upload from your computer and click Open. Only PDF and Word Documents are accepted formats. Since you are adding the new terms via your Admin Dashboard, the terms will automatically be Approved.

3. From here, you will need to select Manage to determine which Marketers have access to append these terms to their various opportunities. 

4. By default, ALL Marketers will be able to use these terms unless you remove access by clicking on Approved next to the Marketer. You can quickly Approve All or Decline All using the Bulk Actions filter. If you remove a Marketer's access to a specific set of terms, you can always decide to Approve the Marketer later to regain use of the terms.

5. At any time you can choose to Archive a set of added terms by clicking the drop-down arrow next to Manage and selecting Archive Document

Adding Terms as a Marketer

As a Marketer, you are only able to use Supplemental Terms & Conditions that a Partner Admin has approved and given you access to use. If you need to add a new set of terms, you can do so from the Tools tab of the Marketer Dashboard or while creating an opportunity.

Using the Tools Tab

1. Once logged into your Marketer Account, navigate to the Tools tab in the left-hand sidebar. Select the Go to Supplemental Terms & Conditions button. 

2. Select the Go to Supplemental Terms & Conditions button. 

3. From here you can view existing supplemental terms that you already have access to, or choose Upload New Document. Select the document you wish to use from your computer and click Open

4. Your document will appear under the Pending tab until it is approved by a Partner Admin. You can view the document you uploaded by clicking the File Name. Should you need to change it, you can select Update to select a new document. 

5. Once a Partner Admin approves your uploaded terms, it will appear under the Approved tab and can be used while creating an Opportunity. 

While Creating a New Opportunity

1. From Step 2 of your Opportunity creation, navigate to the right column and select Add New under the Terms & Conditions section. 

2. From here, you will be able to select Upload New Document. Select the file from your computer, and click Open. Once uploaded, these terms will need to be approved by a Partner Admin before they can be used for your opportunity. 

3. The Partner Admin can approve or reject the document if the terms violate the standard terms. Once the Partner Admin approves your terms, you will be able to add them to your opportunities when they are being created.