In the platform, once you have submitted your content for Marketers approval you may receive feedback on your content in the form of Annotations. Marketers can comment on specific content in your submission to review and change. This article will help to walk you through the annotation process. 

1. After you have submitted your content for the Marketer to review, you may notice that they have requested changes. You should receive an email notifying you of this, but you can also find this by navigating to your Unity Workflow Dashboard, selecting the Deliverable (Project) with requested revisions, and then clicking Create Content for the Unit that needs to be modified. 

2. From here, look over to the right hand side of your screen and you will see the annotations listed noting the revisions the Marketer would like you to make. 

3. Make those changes in the content section on the left hand side and then click Submit Content. *Please note that there is no guarantee that your content will be approved after the first round of edits.

4. After the negotiation process is complete, the Marketer will approve your content, and it will be ready for you to post.