In order to submit your YouTube video for approval, your video must be posted as Unlisted. This article will help walk you through creating and publishing your first YouTube post in the platform. 

1. Click in to the Offer that is ready to have Content Created by selecting the Project name

2. From here, select Create Content

3. At this point, you are ready to create your content. From here you will need to create your video and then upload it to your YouTube account as an Unlisted video. You can select this option from the drop-down menu when you upload your video to YouTube.

4. Now it is time to submit your link to the Marketer for approval. Since the video is marked as Unlisted, your subscribers and followers will not be able to view it at this point. Copy and paste your link into the Video Details box provided on the Enter Your Content page.

5. You will then need to select the type of Disclosure you have used for your video and enter the timestamp where the disclosure can be found in the video.

6. Once you have checked the box to confirm you have included the disclosure in your video and any additional Required Elements, you can click Submit Content to send your content to the Marketer.