After creating your Campaign, you will need to create Projects. This article will walk you through setting up your first Project. 

Adding A Project Name & Image

Project Name

The Project name will be the first part of your Project shown to Creators. It should provide the Creator with an idea of what the overall project will entail.  

Project Image

This will be the main image for your Project and is presented to Creators. Minimum image dimensions are 960x960; supported formats: JPG/PNG

To upload your image:

1. Click the Choose Image button.

2. A pop-up will appear where you can choose a file from your computer to upload.

3. From here, you can crop your image and then click Crop Image. Once your image has been uploaded you have the option to change it. If you would like to change your image, select Change Image

Adding Your Project Brief

The Project brief should be a general overview of the goals of your Project. This information can include creative direction, Project goals, Creator do's/don'ts, and legal information. Please make sure that if you are copying and pasting from another document that you edit your formatting once it has been pasted. If you do not, it may affect the appearance of your Project brief when presented to the Creators. Under the Project Brief field, in the section titled Additional Files, you may upload any documents you feel necessary.  Some examples of what you could upload here are Parental Consent Forms, Style Guides, or Terms & Conditions. After you have entered all of your information, select Next: Choose a Template

Choosing A Template

When Creating your Project you will need to choose a template. Templates determine what kind of content you'd like the Creator to submit for this Project. Select the Article template. This Template only requires one Article written by the Creator.  The Creator will be paid a single rate for the completion of this article.

Adding Units

Once you have selected your Template, you can configure the Deliverable. The primary Unit of the template will be automatically added as a Deliverable for you (ie. if you chose an Article Template, an Article Video Deliverable will be automatically added). 

To add more Units to your Template select Add Unit, and select a deliverable from the drop-down menu. To configure the details of the Units you have added to your Template, select the icon on the right-hand side of each Deliverable. Then, select Edit from the drop-down menu. This will take you to the Details page, where you can begin adding requirements to each unit in your Project. Once you have configured the details for your Unit, select Next: Add Elements at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the Elements page, where you can begin adding Elements to each unit in your Project like links or hosted images. 

Sending & Receiving Offers

When creating your Project, you will be able to choose the way in which you want to send and receive Offers.  An Offer is an invitation to a Creator to participate in your Project. If you have a certain Creator in mind for your Project, you can send a Direct Offer to that Creator at any time. If you want any Creators in the platform to be able to submit bids to be considered for participation in your Project, you can enable Open Bidding to begin as soon as the Project is approved. 

If you want to narrow the pool of Creators that are able to submit a bid to participate in your Project, you can create a Targeting Set.  A Targeting Set is created from a saved search in Unity Search.  All filters from the saved search, except keywords, will be used to determine which Creators can bid on your Project. You can find more information about sending and receiving offers here.

Once you have selected your Template, Deliverables, Units, and how you would like to send and receive Offers - click Start Project.