The Payments Dashboard is a great place to find all of the information regarding payments you have either requested or payments that have been sent to you by the Marketer. Below, you will find a detailed description of all of the elements of your Payments Dashboard. 

To view your Dashboard, select the Direct Pay tab on the far left-hand side of your screen.

Once on your Payments Dashboard, you will be able to view the following information:

  • Open Requests - Requests that have been opened and are pending action from either yourself or the Marketer. 
  • Requested Total - The total of all requested payment amounts. 
  • Average Request - The average of all requested payments.
  • Highest Request - The highest amount requested.

You can also view the all of the details for the payments that have come into your account or ones that you have created:

  • ID - The payment ID. This number can be used to locate individual payments in the Search Payments bar. 
  • Transaction Date - Date the payment will expire if not accepted or declined by the Marketer. 
  • Type -  This will indicate whether the payment was requested by yourself (Request to) or sent from the Marketer (Payment From). 
  • Name - The Marketer that your payment was either requested from or sent by.  
  • Status - There are a few different Status Types once a Payment is created: 
  • Completed - The Payment was accepted by the Marketer and is complete at this time.
  • Denied - The Payment has been denied by the Marketer. Click View to see if the Marketer included a reason.
  • Pending - The Marketer has seven (7) days from the Payment date to accept the Payment. The Transaction Date shows when the Payment will expire.
  • Draft - A Payment request that has been started but is not complete.
  • Revision Requested - A request from either the Marketer or the Creator to change the Payment.
  • Rescinded - A Payment Canceled by the Creator or Marketer.
  • Expired - A Payment that was not accepted within the seven (7) days. 
  • Amount - Amount requested or sent for that specific Payment.