The Direct Pay Dashboard is a great place to find all of the information regarding payments you have either requested or payments that have been sent to you by the Marketer. Below, you will find a detailed description of all of the elements of your Direct Pay Dashboard. 

To view your dashboard, select the Finance at the top of your account and then select Direct Pay.

Once on your dashboard, you will be able to view the all of the details for the payments that have come into your account or ones that you have created:

  • Transaction Date - Date the payment will expire if not accepted or declined by the Marketer. 
  • Name - The Marketer that your payment was either requested from or sent by.  
  • Status- There are a few different Status Types once a Payment is created: 
    • Completed - The Payment was accepted by the Marketer and is complete at this time.
    • Denied - The Payment has been denied by the Marketer. Click View to see if the Marketer included a reason.
    • Pending - The Marketer has thirty (30) days from the Payment date to accept the Payment. 
    • Draft - A Payment request that has been started but is not complete.
    • Revision Requested - A request from either the Marketer or the Creator to change the Payment.
    • Rescinded - A Payment Canceled by the Creator or Marketer.
    • Expired - A Payment that was not accepted within the thirty (30) day expiration period. 
  • Amount - Amount requested or sent for that specific Payment.