Your Portfolio is a great way to showcase your best work to Marketers, but it's also how you qualify for Content Opportunities. This article will walk you through creating your Portfolio in the platform.

Why Should You Include A Portfolio?  

Your Portfolio will allow you to showcase your best work to Marketers looking to work with experienced freelance Creators. This allows Marketers to quickly vet Creators for potential Opportunities. You must include at least 4-5 high-quality examples to submit your Profile for review. You can currently provide examples of Articles you have written, Illustrations you have created, or Photos you have taken.

You can either Upload your Files or submit a link From the Web.

• Clips should be links to your published content online or clearly readable screenshots of your content as it appeared in print or online. Writing samples (original work showing writing skill rather than place and date of publication) are not allowed and are not considered.

• Photographers, Audio & Video Producers: make sure your clips show your work as published. Original images, audio, and video files that include no information on publication will not be accepted. Magazine covers, or other work that does not include a prominent credit line, are acceptable as long as at least one clip contains a credit line with your name.

When reviewing profile submissions, these are the factors we consider:

• Whether your skills and expertise match our editors’ needs

• Your employment history and accomplishments at publications

• The quality of the clips you submitted as well as the prominence of the titles where they appeared. We prefer to see clips from nationally recognized organizations.

• Indication that you are an active, experienced, regularly published freelance journalist

Where Can You Find Your Portfolio Page? 

1. To find your Portfolio page log into your account and click on your Avatar at the top.

2. From here, select Profile Settings and then select the Portfolio tab.

3. Once on your Portfolio tab, you will need to add your work examples.

We understand that many freelancers are in the early stages of their careers or are building publisher relationships and adding to their Portfolios. If your initial profile submission is not approved, you may resubmit your profile for review at a later date, when you feel your experience and expertise are a better match.