Organizations have unlimited posting abilities on the Pitch Board.  You'll receive responses within 24-48 hours. Since Ebyline Approved freelancers are the only people who can respond to the posts, editors won't need to waste time on unqualified replies, and they'll even be able to review profiles for the freelancers to see their experience and previous work. Ebyline's all-inclusive platform manages everything from the initial job posting to the final payment, which makes it an ideal solution for organizations who need help with their content. 

Create New Pitch Board Proposal:

  1. Click the "Create Project" button located right above the Folder Rail.
  2. Click the "Proposal" button.
  3. If you belong to multiple Organizations, select the one you wish the proposal to be listed under.
  4. Select the type of proposal you need to create from the list. This will automatically populate a suggested title, price and outline for your proposal. You'll be able to edit these options.
  5. Enter or adjust the price you wish to pay for this project.
  6. Click the "Next" button.
  7. Update or change the title of the Proposal. 
  8. Update or change the description of your Proposal. Being as clear and specific helps to improve your responses. 
  9. Click the "Next" button.
  10. Choose the date you need the project completed by. This field is not required, and will be left blank if no date is entered.
  11. Choose to make your proposal visible to Anyone, Ebyline Approved freelancers, or to one of your custom groups of freelancers. You can enter the name of the folder you've created that contains your freelancers, including "Favorites".  If you make your proposal available to:

    • "Anyone (it will appear on the public Pitch Board)" - your proposal is seen by the greatest number of potential freelancers.
    • "All Ebyline Approved freelancers" - your proposal is seen by freelancers reviewed and  vetted by Ebyline's Editorial team.
    • "Freelancers Selected from my custom groups" - only freelancers you specifically select will see your proposal.
  12. Click the "Submit" button. Your proposal will be submitted to Ebyline's editorial staff for review. You will receive an email notification once the review is completed and your proposal has been posted.