Like query letters you might have received from freelancers in the past, a pitch is a story concept (e.g., an idea before reporting, writing or designing occurs) submitted by freelancers to editors.

Accept Pitch:

  1. Select "Pitches" from the Folder Rail. List of pitches sent to you will appear in List Rail. Pitches with an action indicator (red corner) require your attention.
  2. Click the title of the pitch in your List Rail. The pitch will be appear in the Detail Rail. Note: at the top of the pitch is a colored menu bar, which will display when the pitch was submitted to you.
  3. Use the "Decline", "Counter" or "Accept" buttons to take action on the pitch after review.
  • If the pitch is accepted by the freelancer or the editor, the pitch becomes an Active Project. This means the terms of the pitch are finalized and its time for the freelancer to begin work.
  • If an editor counter-offers the terms of the freelancer pitch, the freelancer will also have the opportunity to either accept the editor's terms or to counter-offer with new terms.

Tip: use the "Reassign Project" feature to move a pitch between editors at your organization.