Editors can send assignments directly to a freelancer or post a Pitch Board Proposal to multiple freelancers. 

Send Assignment:

  1. Click the "Create Project" button located right above the Folder Rail.
  2. Click the "Assignment" button.
  3. Enter the title for your assignment, the description and the details.
  4. Click the "Next" button.
  5. In the "Author account" field, enter the name or email address of the freelancer you wish to work with. If the freelancer already has an Ebyline account, you will be able to select their name from the drop down list. If the freelancer does not have an Ebyline account, you may enter an email address and they will receive an email alert inviting them to join Ebyline, along with details of the project.
  6. Enter the fee (don't include $ symbol).
  7. Choose a date that the project is due on.
  8. Optional: if you want the freelancer to include expenses, you may enable expenses by checking the "Allow Expenses" box.
  9. Click the "Submit Assignment" button. Your assignment has been sent to the freelancer.
  10. To add assets or a kill fee to the assignment, click the "Edit Project" button and make your changes.


  • You can use the "Cancel Negotiation" button to cancel the assignment before it's been accepted by the freelancer. Doing so, allows you to reassign it to a different freelancer.
  • Once the freelancer has accepted the assignment, you may approve and purchase it at any time.
  • If a freelancer sends a counter-offer for the assignment, the editor will have the opportunity to either accept the counter-offer or to submit a new counter-offer to the freelancer.
  • If a freelancer declines the assignment, the editor can reassign the project to a different freelancer and resubmit it.
  • Use the "Save Draft" feature to create an assignment and keep it in your project list, but not send it to your Freelancer until you're ready.