If you're a freelancer who wishes to close your Ebyline account, please email our support group with your full name and Ebyline account email address.


You can view all your account information and alter your subscription by using the "Billing" page for your organization. 

  1. Click "Organizations" in the Folder Rail.
  2. Click the organization name you want to edit in the List Rail.
  3. Click the "Billing" navigation link.
  4. To update your billing information click the "Update Card" button.
    Note, this credit card will be used for both Ebyline subscription charges and payment of projects to freelancers.
  5. To end your Ebyline subscription click the "Cancel Plan" button.
    Note, this action will close and pay all outstanding projects to your freelancers.
  • If you cancel your plan, you can still receive projects from Ebyline users. In order to view or take action on any of these pending projects, you will need to renew your subscription by following the prompts. Renewals will be charged the prevailing subscription rates at the time of the renewal.


What am I billed for using Plus services? 

Ebyline Plus is billed at $50.00 per month or $420.00 per year, per editor, and renews automatically at the end of each period. This is charged to the credit card on file for your account at the time of the charge. You will also be charged a fee of 10% of the total of each project. This is an administrative fee to manage automatic payment to the freelancer, invoicing to you as Publisher, to manage tax issues including processing 1099s for the freelancers, and other administrative issues around freelancer payment. The fee is applied only to the total of the project, and there is no additional setup or administrative charge.

When you add additional editors to your organization, the charge is processed immediately upon adding the editor, and is prorated based on your current subscription cycle. 

How do I get Ebyline Enterprise if I have Ebyline Plus?

Ebyline Enterprise is a large-scale solution for our clients who manage many freelancers or staffers, and require additional content distribution and sales services. You cannot register or upgrade to Ebyline Enterprise online, however our sales team will be pleased to speak with you personally about this service offering and help determine if it’s right for your needs.