Ebyline's Agreements page is a convenient place to keep track of the status of all of your freelancer agreements. It allows editors to view a list of all of the freelancers working with their organization, and shows the status of the freelancers' current agreement with the organization, as well as any prior agreements.

To access your organization's agreements, click on "Agreements" in the folder rail. This will display the Agreements page. If you are a member of multiple organizations, use the drop down menu at the top of the page to select the organization you wish to view.


The list of agreements will show Signed agreements first. The date the agreement was accepted is also listed. Prior signed agreements will be accessible in the History column. To view the agreement, click on the link.


The agreement list is sortable by column, simply click on the column title to sort. In addition, you can search for a specific freelancer by entering their name or other keywords, such as an editor's name, into the Search field. If a freelancer has not yet signed the agreement, there will be a "Remind" button listed next to their Agreement Status. Clicking the Remind button will send an email to the freelancer asking them to log-in to Ebyline and accept your agreement.


Note: If a freelancer initially Declines your agreement, that doesn't stop you from working with them. If they accept a project from you or submit a pitch to you, they will accept your organization's agreement at that time. Once they accept the agreement via a project, their agreement status will be updated to "Signed".