Ebyline's Accounting Code feature helps organizations categorize Ebyline transactions using their own specific convention. Note: accounting codes will only appear if your organization's administrator (Editor Admin) has added them.

When Accounting Codes are enabled, they are available for each purchase authorized.

- Department Name and associated Accounting Code selected at the time of purchase will appear below the article name in the PDF version of the invoice and will appear in separate columns in the CSV version to allow for easy sorting.

- Publication issue and year will also be listed in your export, if selected upon purchase.

-You can update/change accounting codes on purchased projects up until the next invoicing cycle (Thursday nights at midnight, eastern time).

If your publication has enabled Accounting Codes, you will be prompted to select one before you complete the purchase of your projects. If your publication has not enabled Accounting Codes, this option will not be available to you.

Assign an Accounting Code to your purchase:

1) Select the project you wish to purchase and click the "Accept" or "Approve & Pay" button.

2) On the Authorize Purchase window, you will be prompted to "Select Publication/Department". Use the drop down box to pick the appropriate accounting code. The Publication Issue and Year fields will be available, but are not required.

Note: The "Publication/Department" field will be populated with the information that you selected on your last purchase. If the information is the same, you don't need to make a new selection.

3) Check the box next to "I agree to Ebyline's terms and conditions".

4) Click the "Authorize Purchase" button.


Changing an Accounting Code after project purchase:

1) Click the "Transaction" folder to display your purchased projects. Locate the project you wish to update.

2) Click the "Edit' button in the "Transaction Details" section.

3) Update the codes as needed. Click the "Save" button when ready.

Note: These changes must be made before the weekly invoicing cycle is completed. Otherwise your Organization's invoice will reflect the original codes selected.