Why pay your freelancers through Ebyline?

With payment processing built right into the system, we’re like a virtual accounting department. Paying freelancers has never been easier.  Just enter your credit card information into our a secure system and we’ll take care of weekly invoicing and automatically generate 1099’s so everything is tax compliant.  We’re there 24/7 to handle all the customer support, just in case your freelancers have any questions. All of your transaction history is at your fingertips, to view online or export and save.  We make paying freelancers easy, automatic and hassle free, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. You get quality content, your freelancer gets paid. It’s a classic win win.

How it works:
The Weekly Invoicing Cycle

Ebyline consolidates all of your purchases into one simple weekly invoice. When you approve the purchase of a project, it will be queued for weekly invoicing, which occurs on Thursday night at 12am Midnight Eastern time.

Payments to Freelancers

Once Ebyline has verified payment of your weekly invoice, fees owed to the freelancers for that invoice will be sent to their Paypal account. Freelancers must have an active Paypal account to receive their payment. Refer to our guide on how to setup a Paypal account,  if your freelancer needs assistance:

Transaction History

You can use your Transaction screen to review your purchased projects, and confirm if your freelancer has received their payment for the project. Additional help can be found in our guide:
Tax Reporting

Ebyline completes all tax reporting tasks, including issuance of 1099-Misc forms, Independent Contractor/New Hire reporting, and other tax related issues.

How much does it cost?

Plus users - Ebyline Plus Organizations have unlimited access to freelancer profiles through the "Search" feature, unlimited postings to the Ebyline Pitch board, and full access to all the workflow tools in the platform. You will be charged a monthly subscription fee per editor of $50.00 (or $420 annually). This will be a separate charge to the card on file, independent of any weekly invoices generated.

Enterprise users - If you're an Enterprise Organization, with credit card information entered on your account, the above process will apply to you. Otherwise, the invoice will be sent to your Account Payable contact for processing and payment of your invoice.


When you agree to commission a freelancer through Ebyline, you are agreeing to pay the freelancer according to the terms in the Ebyline Independent Contractor Agreement and the Ebyline Publisher Agreement.  Simply put, if you find the freelancer though Ebyline, you are obligated to pay freelancers using Ebyline.

Customer Service

Our staff is here 24/7 to answer any questions your freelancers may have about invoicing, payment and taxes.  We can be reached at support@ebyline.com.