You must have a PayPal account in order to receive payments from Ebyline.

PayPal is a separate web based service that collects money for you from online sales (such as when you sell something on eBay, or if you have an online store), and securely transmits those funds to the location you specify, such as your bank account.

At Ebyline, when a publication buys your work, the publication sends the payment to us; we handle the tax and reporting issues, then we send payment directly to your PayPal account. Therefore you must have a PayPal account to receive payment for your work. In PayPal, you can specify where you want the funds to be sent (i.e., bank account, a check, etc.)
Creating a PayPal account requires a few steps, but once completed, using the system is very simple.
Here are the main steps you need to follow when creating and using a new account:

1) Create an account

2) Confirm email address

3) Enter and confirm bank account information

4) Remove withdrawal limit 

1) Create an account

Click on this link: Click the blue "Sign up" button near the top of the page.
You can setup a "personal" Paypal account, which is presented as an account used to make online purchases, but will be used by you to receive payments from Ebyline.                                                                        


Next, enter your email address and set your password. Then continue to the next screen where you'll enter your contact information and agree to PayPal terms. After this step you will be asked if you want to provide a Bank Account to make payments from. Once again, PayPal assumes personal accounts will be used to make purchases and pay others, but you will be using it to receive your payments. Your bank information will be needed not to pay others, but to transfer your payment from PayPal into your bank account.


There are two ways to enter your bank information. You can click the link of your bank if it's listed on the screen below. You will be prompted to enter your Online Bank login information. PayPal will use this to create the link to your bank account and immediately verify the account. Or if you prefer, you can click "I have a different bank account" and enter your routing and account number. You will need to manually verify your account if you use this method.


There are no fees charged to you for receiving payments from Ebyline. When you sell a story for, say, $150.00, you will receive the full amount into your PayPal account. PayPal DOES charge a fee of $1.50 if you ask them to cut and send you a check for the money in your PayPal account, which they can do. But if you have provided a Bank account, then you can move your funds directly from your PayPal account into your bank account for free. You will not be charged a service fee for using the "Transfer to your bank" feature.    



The main thing that the you need to do right away after creating a PayPal account, is to confirm your email address with PayPal. PayPal sends out an email right away after the account is created, the email contains a link that the you need to click on. After you click on the link, a new tab will open in your browser and you will need to enter the PayPal password for your account. Doing this confirms your email address and allows payments to be deposited into your PayPal account. Confirm your email is verified, by accessing the PayPal settings (Gear Button at top), then click "Update" next to the Email settings. This will display the emails linked to your account. Select the email you need to confirm and click the "Confirm" button.



When you set-up an account with PayPal, you will need to add and confirm your bank account in order to transfer payments out of the PayPal system and into your bank. PayPal will make two small deposits into your bank account, which you must check and determine the amounts of and then enter the deposit amount information into the PayPal website. This is done to confirm that the bank account in which the two deposits were made belongs to you.


In addition, PayPal sets a withdrawal limit of $500 per month on new accounts. To have this limit removed, you must either provide a credit/debit card or your social security number. This is done as a second verification of identity, since all transactions are done online.