The Pitch Board proposals are created by editors looking to find new freelancers. Only Ebyline Approved freelancers can respond to Proposals unless the Proposal targets and includes non-Ebyline Approved freelancers directly.

Public Pitch Board:
You can review Proposals posted to Anyone without logging into your account at this page:
You will need to log into your Ebyline Approved Freelancer account in order to respond to these postings.

Review and Respond:

1) Select the "Pitch Board" tab along the top left of the screen. Up to six proposals will appear in the Detail Rail. To see additional proposals, use the page navigation at the lower right. Tip: you can filter proposals by Tags, Fee or Key words.


2) Click a proposal to view the complete information.

3) Enter a detailed description of your pitch idea in the "Compose Reply" field. You can also update Location, Deadline, Fee, and Kill Fee. Tip: read this guide on best practices for creating a successful pitch board reply.

4) Click the "Submit Reply" button.

5) Agree to the terms by checking both boxes and clicking "Accept".

6) Your pitch will be sent directly to the requesting editor.



1) To edit and update your pitch after submission, simply make the changes, and then click the "Save" button.


1) To delete the pitch completely click the "Retract Reply" button.

2) Select "Delete" from the Options drop down menu.