Welcome to the Ebyline Payments for WordPress help guides page.

Below are FAQs that will help you pay your contributors through WordPress from start to finish.

  • How do I pay someone?

    1. To pay a contributor, click on “Posts” in the left menu.
    2. Locate the post that you want to pay for.
    3. If no fee is listed for the post, click on “Edit Fee”, enter the fee amount, and click “Save”.
    4. Click the “Pay Now” button, which will take you to the Ebyline Platform.
    5. Click “Register Now” to create a new account. (If you already have an account, log-in and skip to step 7)
    6. Enter your publication and billing information, select a subscription, and click “Create Account”.
    7. Confirm that the fee amount and payee are correct, click “Pay Now”.
    8. Payment will be issued to the contributor and you will receive a confirmation.
    9. Fee will be listed as paid.
  • Payments are queued for processing once per week at 12am (midnight) Eastern Time on Thursday night/Friday morning. One charge will be made to your credit card for the full amount of all payments processed during the prior seven day period. Payments will be forwarded to your contributors’ PayPal accounts immediately after your card has been successfully charged.

  • Does this cost me anything?

    There is a subscription fee of $50 per month or $420 annually for having an Ebyline Plus account. In addition, there is a transaction fee of 10% charged for payments processed through Ebyline Payments. This fee covers processing payment to your contributor and all tax related reporting required for the payment. There is no cost to your contributor for being paid through Ebyline, and Ebyline covers the cost of any PayPal fees, so your contributor receives the full amount contracted for their post.

  • What payment methods are available?

    Payments are accepted from editors via credit card only (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express). Payments are issued to contributors via PayPal only.

  • Can I use Ebyline to manage my stories?

    Yes. Ebyline can handle your workflow as well as payment processing. Simply log-in to your Ebyline account at Ebyline.com/login to create assignments, manage workflow, and process payments. The Ebyline platform also has a contributor database and Pitch Board to enable you to find new contributors to work with.

  • Which WordPress user types can approve payments?

    Only WordPress “Admin” users can approve payments for users.

  • Which WordPress user types can set and edit fees?

    “Admin”, “Editor”, “Author”, and “Contributor” can set and edit post fees.

  • How can I see information about previous purchases?

    Previous purchases can be viewed from the Ebyline website. The transaction screen displays all your purchased projects and you can also see if a project has been paid to the contributor.

  1. Log into your Ebyline editor account at http://www.ebyline.com/login
  2. Click the “Transactions" folder at the lower left of the screen.
  3. By default, you will be shown all purchased projects for the current month. Use the date selection tools at the upper left to expand or change the time frame.
  4. You can also enter the name of the contributor in the "Keyword" search field to display purchased projects for a specific contributor.
  5. Click the "Export to CSV" button at the upper right to download the list in Excel compatible form.
  • How does the tax reporting work?

    Ebyline reports payments to contributors in accordance with the State of California New Hire reporting guidelines. In addition, for contributors meeting current IRS reporting thresholds during the tax year ($20,000 and 200 separate transactions), a 1099-K form will be issued no later than January 31st of the following year, as required by law.

    1099-K forms are issued electronically through the PayPal platform. Per IRS guidelines, 1099-K forms will not be issued to confirmed foreign contributors or contributors who do not meet the reporting thresholds.

  • Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

    Contact Ebyline customer support via email at support@ebyline.com.